Caller ID Spoofing

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How to Spoof Caller ID (Hide my number):

Caller ID faking is when you manipulate the telephone network to display a number of your choosing on the recipient's Call Display. 
Caller ID faking can make a call appear to have come from any phone number of the spoofer's choosing.

In order to Spoof Caller ID, also referred to as caller ID faking, a person has several different methods they can choose from. The easiest method available online is by using a caller ID spoofing provider. These are companies that for a small fee (Usually between $0.10c  -$0.17c per minute) perform the technical wizardry for you. Caller ID Spoofing providers typically all work in the same way with a few variations. The site will ask for a source number, destination number and the caller ID you want displayed. is one site that will help you solve the problem of how to "hide my number". They allow you to spoof your caller ID either by using a toll free number or through the website. What it comes down to is they all do the same thing with virtually the same quality so we choose the one that charges us the least and thats Spooftel.

How to spoof caller id? See caller ID spoofing in action just sign up an account with SpoofTel and during that process they call your phone showing"888-888-8888". A good list of providers is available here

Another method of spoofing call display involves the use of sophisticated open-source software such as Asterisk or FreePBX. These programs typically require using the Linux operating system and require an advanced knowledge in computer scripting languages and operating systems (Be careful when using these types of software as people may suspect you of being a hacker and could lead to insanity!)

Here is a link to an article you can view regarding PBX systems and how they operate. Here is a site that explains caller ID spoofing a little bit more in detail.

Once you learn how to spoof caller ID, you won't have to wonder "How do I hide my number from freaks I don't know". You'll learn that Caller ID faking can have more uses then you could have ever imagined.